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Made in Italy product from the design to the production since 1998!
Industry and handicraft merge themselves together with mastery creating packaging solutions which conciliate capacity, transportation and product presentation. Andrea del Vecchio Srl supplies the most important national and international companies of the eyewear, cosmetic and watchmaking field, with the purpose of expand itself also in other sectors. The company is always ready to satisfy the changing and the needs of the market fulfilling the wishes of the customers with knowledge, passion and dedication. The goal is creating an added value for the products through a functional and captivating design, paying special attention to the details

Why Exclusive Solutions?

Artisanal production with 100% Made in Italy industrial approach

The products are created to perfection by specialised operators inside of the company.
Our company is able to handle both small and big orders always respecting the quality of the final product.

Customization of the product

The customer can request a customised product choosing materials, shapes, and sizes. The choices will be sent then to the graphic department. Each request is studied to satisfy the needs and create a functional solution in line with the style of the Brand. Each detail is always cared with the greatest attention.

Environmentally friendly

All the products are created respecting the environmental standards. The company proposes also the creation of products with Green materials.

Via del lavoro, 18/20 35010 Saletto di Vigodarzere (PD)
Tel. +39 049609299 / +39 049601646
Capitale Sociale € 60.000 i.v.
Cod. Fisc. e Part. .IVA 04004060283

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