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Exclusive solutions

Made in Italy product from the design to the production since the 1998!
Packaging solutions for products transportation and presentation needs.

Our products

Our company produces tailor-made products suitable for any packaging needs.
It is always possible to count on technology, availability and on our skills to have the best and up to date solutions.


The products are created following a precise process: from the briefing to the delivery, for a complete service at 360°.


Not only Optics!

Andrea del Vecchio Srl – Soluzioni Esclusive, specialised in the production of packaging for optics, cosmetics and watchmaking sector, is...

Eco-friendly materials for a greener world

What is our effort for a greener environment? To start with the study and the development of our customers’ ideas...
Via del lavoro, 18/20 35010 Saletto di Vigodarzere (PD)
Tel. +39 049609299 / +39 049601646
Capitale Sociale € 60.000 i.v.
Cod. Fisc. e Part. .IVA 04004060283

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