Not only Optics!

Andrea del Vecchio Srl – Soluzioni Esclusive, specialised in the production of packaging for optics, cosmetics and watchmaking sector, is expanding itself more and more also to other sectors.

Here are available all our news as for example elegant Trunks, customizable Tie-holder Trunks and Trunks with exhibiting drawers for clothing sector.

Thanks to the use of high quality materials, to the care for each detail and multi-years experience, the company is able to offer a product with the artisanal manufacturing of the past and a more contemporary design.  The manual skills and the ability to materialize the creativity are the strong points that identify our self.

The aim is to create products that are the expression of beautiful and high-quality, which identifies the Made in Italy all around the world.

This is our Philosophy!

Eco-friendly materials for a greener world

What is our effort for a greener environment?

To start with the study and the development of our customers’ ideas and needs considering solutions and using evergreen materials.

And why not using new generation fabrics coming from High Tech Model which turns the 100% of post-consume plastic bottles, with a completely traceable origin, in a high technology polymer of incomparable quality, through a Made in Italy mechanical process?

Based on the extended and strict requirements list, these materials are compliant with important regulations such as azocolourants,  formaldehyde, Pentachlorophenol, cadmium, nickel etc., and are free of other chemical substances dangerous for health which aren’t included in regulations yet.

Thinking to the PU instead, our new line offers the possibility of covering our products with two different uses of the PU. The first one has textile backings, high quality and environmentally friendly polyurethanes coming from renewable sources; its raw materials have the intrinsic characteristic of a regeneration in “human” times and   its use doesn’t compromise the natural sources for future generations. the second one comes from recycled raw materials “Global Recycle Standard” certified with special coating from recycled post-consumer polymer.  Furthermore, the polyurethanes used for this project are “NO FOOD COMPETITION”, with a high content of bio-based, which guarantees a lesser ecological footprint than the tradition polyurethane from fossil origin.

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